Booking terms:

When booking a plane ticket, it is required to enter the cart.

 When booking a ticket and a tour of the train, it is mandatory to enter the birthplace and date of birth.

During registration, enter the mobile number and email to activate the payment button

Payment terms:

The possibility of payment in the form of credit is provided in the system, so contact the legal department of the company for the conclusion of the contract.

Internet payment can be made from Mellat Bank’s port, named after Saman Alamayeh Sepahan Institute

tip :

If the money transfer operation is done correctly for the nation’s payment, your reservation will be finalized and the hoteliers will be issued immediately. If the money transfer operation in the system makes the payment to the nation error, the money will immediately be returned to your account and your reservation will be made. Also invalidated

If there is no confirmation of booking or issuance of tickets and tours after the payment has been made, please call 03132204848 on the booking operations section.

Console Laws and Names:

Can be renamed with 10% damage to users of the agencies until the flight can be booked in the system (not closed).

 Possibility of cancellation of tickets and tours according to the “Refund Rules” for users of the agencies.

Remarkable agencies and travelers:

The following penalties are calculated for the refund of all charter tours and charter tickets:

1- From registration to the 12th day, five days before the move, 10% damage

2- Up to 12 noon three days before the move 20% damage

3- 24 hours before moving 50% damage

4-day moving in the console, 100% damage is calculated

If the user does not comply with any of the above, if the problem arises, the consequences for the registrant and the agency concerned are not the responsibility of the institution.